Important Information

New opening times:

Starting from Tuesday 2nd July, Granò will be open also on Tuesday evenings, from 18:00 to 22:00.

Summer break:

Granò will be closed from the 23rd July to 7th August for a summer break. We will be back on 8th August.

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The first 100% gluten-free & italian-hearted restaurant in Zürich

Granò is closed until Friday 5 April for Easter Break.
After 5 April Granò will be open from Wednesday to Saturday for Dinner.

Logo of Granò showing a wheat leaf
Badenerstrasse 298,
8004 Zürich

+41 44 401 11 99
Mon/Sun: Closed
Wed - Sat: 18 - 22

Granò: First 100% Gluten-free italian restaurant in Zürich

Indulge in our safe and delicious cuisine prepared exclusively with gluten-free certified ingredients. Our kitchen is dedicated to gluten-free food, ensuring zero contamination risks. We also offer a variety of lactose-free options!

Discover weekly Italian specialties, with occasional international twists, for a truly unique dining experience.

Experience convenience and versatility: dine-in, take-out, or savor at home by freezing for later. Our delicious dishes are designed for taste and flexibility.



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Work in Progress

In this page you will find all the events and special activities that we will organize in our restaurant.

We plan to host cooking classes to learn how to make great gluten-free bread, pizza, and pasta, as well as having guest chefs to teach specialities of different cuisines.

At the moment we are working to renovate our restaurant, so we are not hosting events, but we will recover our activities in March 2024, so stay tuned and register to our newsletter!

NÒPOLI - 100% gluten-free pizza in Zürich

This summer we will kick-off with Nòpoli, the only 100% gluten-free pizza bike in Zürich - and probably the World! Enjoy the best pizza anywhere and with anyone!
You can rent Nòpoli bike (and the attached pizza-guy) for your private event! Contact us at

Base price: 150 CHF + 10 CHF per person.

Rent me!
Rent me!
Currently, there are no planned events.


Co-Founder of Granò
"I was an Engineer, now I want to make Zürich a better place for people with gluten-free needs!"
Co-Founder of Granò
"Passionate about food, adventuring in the unexplored world of gluten-free!"

We are Marcello and Laura, and we have a background in engineering and mathematics. We are extremely passionate about food, both cooking and, most importantly, eating.

However, in 2021, Marcello was diagnosed with celiac disease, and it completely changed our life. Suddenly, the hundreds of restaurants in Zurich became inaccessible to us a couple. They were either unable to guarantee the safety of the food or offered unsatisfactory options that looked and tasted far from the original dishes Marcello used to enjoy.

After experimenting in our kitchen for a couple of years, we made a decision to take action. We left our secure jobs as an engineer and pension fund consultant, and embarked on a new venture in the food industry.

Our goal is to open the first 100% gluten-free Italian restaurant in Zürich, where everyone can savor the best dishes from the Italian and occasionally international traditions. We want to create an inclusive dining experience, ensuring that people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities can indulge inthe flavors they love without compromising on taste or safety.


Our Shop Is Coming Soon

In this page you will find a list of goods you will find in our shop. We will have a selection of gluten-free products including flour mixes, beers, pasta, and others.


Is your food suitable for persons with celiac disease?

Yes, we ensure that all our food and beverages are suitable for individuals with celiac disease by carefully selecting ingredients that are either labeled as 'gluten-free' or free from any traces of gluten.

Is your food suitable for persons with gluten intolerance?

Yes, we ensure that all our food and beverages are 100% gluten-free, by carefully selecting ingredients that are either labeled as 'gluten-free' or free from any traces of gluten.

How do you prevent cross-contamination in your kitchen?

To prevent cross-contamination, we have implemented strict measures in our kitchen, including a complete ban on non-gluten-free ingredients and products. Furthermore, all our kitchen equipment has always been dedicated solely to the preparation of gluten-free food.

Is your staff knowledgeable on the matter of gluten-free food?

In addition to having a team primarily composed of individuals following a strict gluten-free diet, we provide specialized training for all our present and future staff on this topic. Our staff is well-informed about the risks of cross-contamination, prohibited products, and ingredients that pose a risk to individuals with gluten sensitivities.

Do you have lactose-free options?

The majority of our products are lactose-free or made with lactose-free ingredients. For products that do contain lactose, they are clearly labeled with a symbol for easy identification. However, we strive to always provide alternative options to accommodate individuals with lactose intolerance.

Is gluten-free food vegetarian or vegan?

Although gluten-free food is not necessarily vegetarian or vegan, we always offer a few vegetarian, and often vegan, options in our menu. They are clearly labeled with a symbol for easy identification.

Is gluten-free food healthier than "normal" food?

There is no evidence that gluten-free food is healthier than "normal" food, and as always the important is to have a balanced diet, integrating a full spectrum of nutrients.
Obviously, "normal" food containing gluten would have a negative impact on health condition for people with celiac disease.

Is it true that gluten-free food is unhealty for people that don't require a gluten-free diet?

In general this is not true, but it is important to maintain a balanced diet by replacing gluten-containing products with nutritionally equivalent gluten-free alternatives.
Some times industrial gluten-free products can include higher amount of sugar or fat, but we strictly avoid them, preferring in-house preparations with carefully selected and balanced ingredients.

Does gluten-free food taste bad or has a weird texture?

Not at all! Beside the large number of classic "naturally gluten-free" food that exist and you probably eat every day, contrary to popular belief, gluten-free versions of traditional foods can often taste and feel just as delicious, if not better, than the original versions. We invite you to come in and try for yourself, as we offer a wide range of gluten-free options that can rival their gluten-containing counterparts. Experience the flavors and textures that will exceed your expectations!

Do you have gluten-free beer?

Yes, we have a large selection of gluten-free beers, carefully selected from the best breweries in Europe.
Our selection include: weiss, blond, pale ale, stout, and more!

Do you host private events?

Sure! We are available for your private events at our restaurant, at your location, or at any public space with our Nòpoli pizza bike. Contact us at for more information.